Where To Buy Aquarium Plants?

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A planted aquarium can be both beautiful and functional. The plants can help the fish thrive by offering food, hiding places and in assisting in the tank’s oxygenation cycle. While artificial plants in endless varieties are offered by most pet shops, finding a nice selection of live plants can be problematic. Most local fish stores will only have a limited selection of live plants available. A common question of aquarists is where to buy aquarium plants. The goal of this article is to give you some options when searching for these important additions to your aquarium.

We will concentrate on purchasing your plants through the internet and having them sent to you by mail. While this may sound scary at first, I have used this method successfully in the past with great results. The plants have always arrived in good shape and have thrived in my tanks. Using the resources available you can get the perfect plants for the aquascape you intend to create.

Wide Array Of Specimens Available

Your local fish store will often be limited regarding its selection of live plants. Most will carry some anacharis or sword plants. These may be suitable to your taste and in that case you need look no further. The limited selection will hinder those aquarists who want to mimic a particular environment or habitat and require specific species to achieve their goal. You can approach your local fish store owner and see if they can order you specific plants but if they cannot there are other options available.

I would suggest that you can obtain almost any aquatic plant you desire by purchasing through the internet. You can obtain individual species that cannot be found locally. There are also packs available that combine a number of plants that would go well together to create a fully planted tank. Some of these packs contain a mix of foreground plants along with midsize and background plants that will allow you to create a stunning aquascape.

Excellent Sites For Buying Aquarium Plants

There are a number of excellent sites from which you can purchase your plants. I will discuss a few of them that I have used and describe some of the options they have available. I believe using these resources you can find just about any plants you need.

Plant packs designed to thrive under different water and lighting conditions are available at aquariumplants.com. They offer packs of varying sizes that will complement the size of your tank and the look you wish to achieve. Individual specimens of a large assortment of plants are also available from this site.

A favorite site of mine is ThatPetPLace.com. Though they no longer offer packs of plants they have a large variety of individual plants available. I have used them extensively to procure plants for my aquariums and was always very satisfied with their products. Their plants are grouped into classes such as beginner plants, low light plants, background plants and many more. I highly recommend this site.

Another site offering plant packs is liveaquaria.com. IN addition to their plant packs they have a huge variety of individual plants for sale. You will certainly find what you need at this site.

A large selection of plants is offered by aquaticplantfarms.com. They have categories for beginners, intermediate and expert aquatic plant keepers.

Though these sites all ship primarily to the United States there are also aquarium plants available through e-bay. Using e-bay you will probably be able to find a source that is able to ship to your locale. There are many local merchants on e-bay offering live aquatic plants.

Hopefully these ideas help you in your quest to find the perfect aquarium plants for your tank. Do some research before selecting your plants to ensure that they will do well in the water type you have and the lighting that you will provide. In my experience, aquatic plants can be more easily impacted by the wrong lighting or water quality than many of the fish that inhabit the same tank. Good luck with your planted aquarium. The results are well worth the effort.

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