Types Of Goldfish And Their Characteristics You Should Know

Goldfish are the most popular type of fish that people keep today. You can have an easy time brightening up the room when you get to have an aquarium with goldfish. Many people do not always realize this, but goldfish comes as different types. The one that you see at your friend’s house might not be the same as that at a restaurant.

With that in mind, you would want to know the different types of goldfish available today. Below are some of the common types that you are likely to encounter more often.

Common Goldfish

It is called the common goldfish since it is easily found in most people’s aquariums. This kind of goldfish has the scientific name Carassius Auratus and can be traced back to Asia. This type of goldfish is seen to be great for beginners in the field of keeping an aquarium. It will easily survive in temperature of 55 to 80 degree F and a pH level of 6 to 8. As you can see, the water could easily be drawn from tap water, and it would be safe for the common goldfish.

The common goldfish is a social animal, and they could benefit from having other mates in the tank. It is always better to keep them in groups of three when young, but you can separate them as they become mature.

Comet Goldfish

The comet type of goldfish has their origin in Washington State. You can find them coming with different variations depending on the color. Some of the common colors include red and white, black, yellow, black and orange, and goldfish orange.

The comet goldfish might get people confused because of being look like other types, but This type often has a slender body and elongated fins. That is how you can easily identify them .

Shubunkin Goldfish

The colors of this type are what you would find in the fancy goldfish types. Under this type, there are two varieties, which include the London and Bristol shubunkin. The Bristol variety is larger, and the caudal fin is more rounded.

The common color of this type would be calico. The blue silver color of the fish also acts as the background for the other types of colors. Because they are hardy type of goldfish, for many people they are seen as great for outdoor ponds. You will not have to worry about their survival all the time.

Wakin Goldfish

This type of goldfish is very popular in Japan. In terms of appearance, you can confuse it with the comet goldfish, but this one comes with a double caudal fin and they still have an elongated body.

The wakin goldfish is a hardy breed, so the best place to keep them would be a pond. You can also place them in a tank, but just make sure that the tank is large to accommodate it as they grow.

They are not an aggressive breed, but they tend to be a fast swimmer with an aggressive appetite most of the time. As you can see, a small tank would not be ideal for Them to swim.

Japanese Ryukin Goldfish

Even from the name, you can easily guess that They are popular in Japan. They might look like the fantail breed, but this one comes with a prominent hump towards the back of its head. This should make the breed come with an elevated dorsal fin.

The Ryukin comes in various types of color combinations. You can have the solid colors or multiple colors in the same fish. The common colors include deep red, blue, calico, red, and white, and much more.

Still, this is a hardy breed so you can place them in the outdoor goldfish pond. If you keep them in the aquarium, you will not need to give them much care.


This one comes with an egg appearance that is different from most breeds we have looked at above. All the fins are paired except the dorsal fin. The fins are sturdy and round, making it also easy to recognize them from the different breeds available.

As for the colors, you can easily get different types of colors available with the goldfish and choose the one you like. Some of the colors include calico, blue, bronze, and mix of orange.

You will find most users breeding this type of goldfish for showing. They could also be a great choice for beginners.


You will easily get the veiltail goldfish being among the most popular type of goldfish among most hobbyists and collectors. They might not be the best for breeding for showing as compared to the fantail bred. The pectoral and pelvic fins of the fish are long and narrow.

They are not a hardy fish type, so you may want to keep them in the indoor goldfish aquarium. As much as it is possible to place them outdoors, make sure they are not extreme conditions.

Broadtail Moor

They are also called the black moor. they are supposed to be entirely black, but you can find it containing shades of silver or brown. The breed would easily be confused for the veiltail goldfish, the difference is the colors. You also get this one lacking the forked appearance on the fins.

With their style of eyes, they tend to have poor vision. For such a reason, you do not want to place them in an aquarium with the other agile breeds. They will not be able to compete with the others, especially when it comes to eating.


The breeds mentioned above are not all the types of goldfish you can get today, but they are the most popular. If you are looking for something different, then you can opt to do more research to get the right model you are looking for. You also have to find one that would be easy to care for, so that he/her does not end up dying easily. Often go for the hardy breeds as they do not need much maintenance.

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