Seachem Matrix-Aquarium Conditioner Review And Guide

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If you bought or plan on buying an aquarium and think that maintaining it will be a cheap and easy thing to do, you do not know how hard and in-depth it can be. If anyone compared the amount of work and money that needs to be dedicated to aquariums with that of household pets, you would be stunned.

Through this, we get to the main point, aquarium maintenance. It simply can’t be stressed out hard enough how much money you need to spend on various items to keep it clean and safe. One that keeps it safe is a water conditioner since it is designed for either general use or something specific.

The problem that we have encountered is the high number of toxic elements and the lack of proper bacteria that could remove those elements. Seachem matrix provides everything that we need in a conditioner.

But what exactly is an aquarium conditioner and what else can it help you with? Keep on reading and find out about what makes this tiny bottle so special.

Things To Consider Before Buying An Aquarium Conditioner

To sum up, everything we have mentioned so far, aquarium conditioners are really important as they deal with most of the problems an aquarium user can encounter. Whether it is toxic elements like chlorine, ammonia and nitrates or PH levels, a conditioner can fix all of that.

But note that having and using a conditioner is not a thing that you must do, some aquariums simply don’t need that much maintenance. With that, they are easier to deal with since all the previously mentioned problems are non-existing.

But before going out to the local pet store and ordering all the aquarium conditioners they have, you should pose the following questions:

  • What purpose should it serve?
  • How big is your aquarium?
  • Which model should you get?

With these three questions answered, you’re ready to go on and buy everything that you need, but let’s explain these questions a bit. When it comes to the purpose of it, you should learn about what problems you’re encountering.

Are you having problems with balancing out the PH levels, getting rid of food waste and toxic elements, or even retrieving the good old bacterial colony? Well buy the conditioner according to that, some bay is an all-purpose one while others are heavily specialized.

When it comes to the size of your aquarium, you need to know how much conditioner you need and how much you should use. Getting too much conditioner might not be a problem depending on the model since some can be used as many times as you want. But this act isn’t really recommended by anyone due to safety reasons.

And when it comes to which model you should get, try searching for someone reputable who is well known and can be recommended all across the world. When you hopefully found that perfect company, it is time to buy the product from them.

Seachem Matrix Product Summary

Seachem Matrix is an aquarium conditioner aimed at people who need to either get rid of all the toxins in their aquarium water or for people who need to get their bacteria back. The company claims that the conditioner controls ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate in an efficient way while still maintaining high capacity levels of biofiltration.

It is pretty much just a variation of the stability model, with the only difference being that it offers an efficient filtration of the large surface area up to 700m2/L. The matrix also offers cleaning of both the internal and external microporous surface area, this way you can remove nitrate along with other toxic elements in the same filter.

To conclude, this product is great for aquarium owners who need a conditioner that can both control various elements like ammonia, nitrate, nitrate and help with the support of bacteria at the same time.

Although this product does not mess around with the PH levels of the aquarium, it is still not aimed at regulating those levels. We recommend that you get something else if you want a product that regulates PH levels.


  • Cheap compared to other products.
  • Did the job well, customers report nothing but success.
  • The removal of toxic elements doesn’t take too much time.


  • Not that effective with filters that aren’t canister types.
  • Might take a bit too long for the bacterial colony to reemerge.

Features & Benefits

As we have already mentioned, different conditioners have different purposes, some may be good at one thing while entirely bad at another. This is exactly why most of these conditioners are specialized for just one or more uses.

In the following section, we are going to exclusively mention the most important aspects and features when it comes to the Seachem matrix, so keep on reading and find out.

Large Surface Area

When it comes to the removal of nitrites, chlorine, ammonia and the re-establishment of a bacterial colony, having a large surface area can be the most beneficial thing you can offer. Seachem claims that it has a larger surface area than its main competitors, Eheim with their substrate Pro and JBL with Micromec.

The surface area that Seachem offers with their matrix product range about 700 m2/L, this can be a pretty large surface when compared to the competition, but another important thing to note is that the conditioner is efficient for both the interior and exterior of the aquarium.

Doesn’t Interfere With PH Levels

PH levels are narrowly maintained in aquariums and with a range that small, it is pretty much absolutely important to not ruin everything. Causing any large change or distress to the PH levels of your aquarium can completely end up ruining it.

But thankfully, Seachem claims that its Matric product cannot damage anything PH level related. The only thing that it can possibly affect are the positive things such as the removal of toxic elements. This aspect of the product is rarely seen in other models, which is certainly a big plus when it comes to buying.

You Don’t Need To Use It Frequently

Although it is not a major aspect, it is still very important. To be completely honest, we have to say that the 1 liter version of the conditioner is pretty much cheap, you can buy and use it as much as you want.

But still, it is a pretty big bonus that you don’t need to use it regularly. This effectively proves that it will retain its power even after a few weeks. This way you’re not forced to keep track of the placement of the conditioner regularly. Another great thing about this is that you don’t need to waste too much money on it as it will last longer.

Efficient And Responsive

Although the conditioner is nothing fancy, we have to say that it is really effective at the job it is doing. Seachem claims that it only takes a week to fully reduce the toxic levels of elements such as ammonia.

On the other hand, we have seen people saying that they need even less time to get rid of it and reduce it, but that all depends on the aquarium itself in the end.

What Other People Said About The Seachem Matric

Overall this product had some mixed views, but in the end, we found out that the majority of the users had a positive experience. Although not everyone was happy with the product, we still have to say that this is very common for conditioners as they are note all effective. Some might provide you with a bad batch which might at some point not work at all.

But on the other hand, the majority of the users talked about how fast it was to get any real results back. They were happy about ammonia levels decreasing in a matter of days, with the lack of any PH change or disturbance.


There are several problems with which both a beginner and enthusiast can get in contact with at least at some point in their life, but as rare as they can be they should still be dealt with, fast. With this, we will put a huge focus on the amount of life inside the aquarium that can be destroyed with the improper maintenance of an aquarium.

Ammonia, wrong PH levels, nitrites, and chlorine are one of the leading causes for this, and if it doesn’t get taken care of fast, it might turn into a big problem for everyone. The reason why we recommend the Seachem matric is because of:

  • Efficiently not only removes the toxic elements but also brings back bacteria as well.
  • It will not have any impact on your PH levels no matter how much it is used.
  • It is cost efficient and doesn’t need to be used multiple times.

If you’re interested in buying this product, click here to check it out.

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