The Most Beautiful Betta Fish In The World

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Bettas are very popular tropical fish. The long flowing fins of the males make them particularly attractive to aquarium owners. There are many different varieties of betta fish that in some cases have very dramatic physical characteristics. Through selective breeding, incredible colors combinations have been created. These same techniques have seen breeders concentrating on the fins and tails develop a wide array of strikingly beautiful varieties. I would like to show you a collection of these fish that I consider to be among the most beautiful betta fish in the world.

1. Royal Blue Half-Moon Betta

This is a gorgeous example of the half-moon betta, named for the shape formed by their fins and tail. I find this combination of colors perfectly highlight the half-moon feature.

2. Red Rosetail

Betta Here is a slightly different mutation of the half-moon tail type . Their color and full, flowing lines make it seem to shimmer in the water. Here again we see the color used to great effect to highlight the distinctive fins.

3. Black Orchid Crowntail Betta

This type of fish makes the list for their blend of simplicity and complexity. The crowntail variety is another class of the species genetic mutations. In this example the simple black color in stark contrast to the intricate tail and fins make this type of fish irresistible to the eye.

4. Crowntail Betta

Here is another crowntail betta. In this case the magnificent colors augment the amazingly intricate fins. I find the way the fins transition from blue to red to be particularly striking. Simply another beautiful fish brought into existence by a diligent breeder.

5. Veil Tail Betta

The vail tail betta is the variety most often found for sale in pet stores. Their name comes from their flowing, veil-like fins. Though perhaps not as breathtaking as some other varieties of betta, they are nevertheless beautiful. Color mutations have made these fish available in a vast array of shades. Here are two that I consider to be among the best of the veil tails. It's all about the color!

6. The Double-tailed Betta

As their name indicates, the double-tailed betta has been selectively bred to have two tails. In some cases this feature is combined with some of the more exotic types of fins to create truly amazing fish. This photo highlights the double-tail of this very pretty fish.

7. Combtail Betta

Combtail bettas are the result of breeding crowntail bettas with other varieties such as vail tails. Their tails are usually not as long and flowing as the crowntails, but are still very distinctive in their own right. Here is a nice example of a comb tail with very nice golden red coloring.

8. White Crowntail Betta

Here is another beautiful crowntail betta, this time in white. This type of fish would look beautiful in an aquarium with dark decor where their color would be amplified.

9. Multi-Colored Half-Moon Betta

Last but certainly not least, this may be the most beautiful betta that I have ever seen. Their truly remarkable colors and perfectly formed tail and fins put it on the top of my list. This fish almost appears too delicate to actually exist. See for yourself.

Beautiful Betta Fish

I hope you enjoyed these images of some of the most beautiful betta fish in the world. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so I encourage you to further explore the world of bettas. I find the incredible diversity of these fish to be fascinating and am constantly amazed at the new varieties available. These fish are also reasonably easy to care for so you can indeed own one of these beauties yourself. Importantly, only one male betta can be kept in a tank to avoid violence between them, so choose wisely. I welcome any comments on this list and if you liked it please share it with your friends, whether they are aquarists or just appreciate the inherent beauty of living thing.

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