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If you are considering purchasing a new aquarium you have number of options. You can buy a tank, filter, lighting system and other necessary accessories separately. Several manufacturers have made your initial selection a little easier by offering complete aquarium kits that include many of the items you need to get started. We will look at the line of Marineland aquariums and see what they include in their packages. We will also briefly discuss several alternative aquarium kits.

Why Choose An Aquarium Kit?

Buying an aquarium can pose some confusing questions. Even after you decide on what size aquarium you will get you need to choose a filter and light that will work well with that aquarium. If you plan on keeping tropical fish you will also need a heater and thermometer. These are the essential accessories that you need to maintain a successful aquarium before you even consider selecting substrate, fish and plants or decorations.

Aquarium kits remove some of the confusion and potential mistakes you can make when selecting the basic items for your aquarium. When you buy an aquarium kit you will get a light and filter that are sized correctly for your tank. Most kits include other accessories such as a heater and thermometer. Some also come with food or water conditioner samples. Purchasing an aquarium kit simplifies your decision making and delivers everything you need to get started in one box. An aquarium kit is usually less expensive than buying all of the required items individually.

One potential drawback to an aquarium kit is that many of the components will be made by the same company. Some experienced aquarists may favor lighting systems and filters that come from two different manufacturers. This is a compromise that must be accepted if you want the ease and cost savings of a complete kit.

Marineland Aquariums

Marineland is one of the manufacturers offering complete aquarium kits. They have kits ranging in size from 3 gallon desktop units through various standard rectangular sizes. The largest complete kit Marineland has includes a 55 gallon tank and accessories. They all come with filter and lighting systems included. The smaller tanks up to 5 gallons in size do not include a heater but tanks 10 gallons and larger come with this important piece of equipment. When making your initial purchase all you need in addition to the aquarium kit is gravel or substrate.

You are now ready to get started whether you are new to the hobby or just want to easily set up a new tank.


  • Simplified purchasing decisions.
  • Filter and light correctly sized for the aquarium.
  • Larger tanks include a heater, thermometer, net and food samples.
  • Cost savings by buying a complete package.


  • No choice to mix and match various manufacturers’ equipment.
  • Lights may not be powerful enough for plants or corals needing high intensity light.

Marineland Aquarium Features And Benefits

Lighting System

All Marineland aquarium kits include an LED lighting system. These lights run cool and are very cost efficient to operate. The lights feature a 3 way toggle switch that enables you to choose between a shimmering daylight appearance and a more subdued, relaxing moonlight glow. The lights fit unobtrusively in the aquarium hood making for a sleek overall appearance of your aquarium. They are designed for standard aquarium applications and will serve well for a tank containing plants that require low to moderate light.


Every Marineland aquarium kit includes a properly sized filtration system. The smaller tanks that are under 5 gallons feature a hidden filtration system that uses Mainland Bio-Foam for biological filtration and have an adjustable flow filter pump. Larger system come with a Mainland filter that hangs on the back of the tank. These filters also perform biological filtration through the use of Marineland’s Bio-Wheel technology.

Appearance And Utility

The fact that all components are designed to work together as one unit make these tanks very appealing from an aesthetic point of view. Integrated lighting and filtration lead to an aquarium that looks good and will operate efficiently to care for the tank’s inhabitants.

Positive Reviews

I have seen positive review around the internet regarding the Mainland line of aquarium kits. Comments focus on the completeness of the kit, the brightness of the LED lights and the quiet operation of the filtration system. The multiple sizes available and overall quality made these kits a hit for many aquarists.


1. Aqueon Aquarium Fish Tank Starter Kits

Aqueon offers aquarium starter kits in a variety of shapes and sizes ranging from small betta tanks to a full size 55 gallon tank. They come complete with LED lights, filters and in the larger sizes heaters, thermometers and other accessories.

2. Coralife Fish Tank LED BioCube Aquarium Starter Kits

The BioCube line of aquariums by Coralife offer more powerful LEDs that will be capable of maintaining a small reef environment. They also come with integrated filter systems specifically designed to perform in their tanks. These tanks are more expensive than some other starter kits but are a good choice if you require the increased light intensity they provide.

3. Tetra Aquarium Kits

Tetra is another well known name in the aquarium business that offers complete aquarium kits. With choices from a 1 gallon hex tank up to a full 55 gallon, they have options for all aquarists. Filters, lights, heaters and other accessories are included as with the kits available from other manufacturers.


The Mainland line of aquarium kits are a good choice if you are considering setting up a new tank. While these aquariums may not work if you are planning a reef tank or want houseplants requiring high light levels they are very good for an average planted or unplanted freshwater setup. Decide what type of fish and plants you will be keeping and then choose the correct size. Get some substrate when you buy the kit and then go home and have fun setting up.

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