How To Humanely Kill A Fish Without The Guilt

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What if your fish suddenly becomes ill and there is no way to save or cure it? This is certainly tragic. Of course, there are ways to avoid this scenario, but we have to accept the reality and sometimes we have to sometimes succumb to nature's heartbreaking wishes. If everything fails and there is no other way to save the life of your pet, there is a better way to end its life than to wait and let it suffer.

To bury a fish while it is alive is inhumane. Euthanasia (mercy killing) is the only remaining option on how to humanely kill a fish. If euthanasia is inevitable, you must be willing to accept the truth and consider this option to end your pet's suffering promptly. This article will certainly give you some idea of the various methods of mercy killing a fish.

What You Will Need To Follow This Tutorial

The materials/ tools and drugs listed below are not necessarily all that you will need to euthanize your very sick fish. You can read all of the information containin this article first and decide later on the best way for you to kill your fish quickly and without guilt.

Using Drugs/ Anesthetics

  • Tricaine Methanesulfonate -TMS (commonly known as MS-222).
  • Clove Oil/ Vodka.
  • Benzocaine HCL.
  • Syringe with needle.
  • Acetone/ ethanol.

Using Simple Methods

  • Knife/ club.

Step By Step Instructions

Here are the various methods you need to know in order to humanely kill a fish.

MS-222 Method

TMS is one of the most popular euthanizing methods among the academic sectors which use fish for experiments or studies. MS-222 is known in the market as Finquel and is available in pet stores. It is a type of anesthesia and the only product approved by FDA for use to euthanizing fish by injection. The lethal dose is usually 250 to 500 mg depending on the size of your fish.

Dissolve a substantial amount of the powder, MS-222, in a glass or bottle and transfer the mixture in a syringe. Inject this drug into your fish's bloodstream and it will consequently die within minutes without prolong pain and suffering.

Clove Oil /Vodka Method

Dissolve 13 drops of clove oil in a liter of water in a small container where the fish can be funny submerged. This will anesthetize the fish enabling it to sleep and consequently will be unable to feel pain. Next, pour a glass of vodka, (a grain alcohol) in to the container. The strong alcohol in vodka will certainly kill the fish.

Benzocaine Method

This drug requires a veterinarian's prescription and is not readily available over-the-counter. This drug is not water soluble and must be mixed with acetone or ethanol for it to euthanize the fish.

Soak the fish in a container (this requires only a small amount of water) with this mixture and it will die within minutes as these chemicals irritate fish tissue causing it to go into a comma and lead to death.

Using A Knife

Physically, killing a fish is one of the quickest methods. Using a sharp knife, insert it behind the skull of the fish severing its spinal cord and vertebrae. This will kill the fish instantly.

Using A Club (Decapitation)

This method is also quick and swift. Strike the fish on its head with the club larger end of the fish. This will make the fish unconscious. Once the fish is unconscious, cut its head immediately. The fish will have no timeto feel the pain or suffer.

How To Dispose Of A Dead Fish

Now that you have a dead fish in your possession, you can bury it at least a foot deep in your own backyard (you might follow some local ordinances regarding this matter). If you have no available soil, such as those living in condominiums, you can bury the fish in a potted plant


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