Top 8 Best Filters For Goldfish in 2019

In this article we will look at the best filters for goldfish. Filtration is an important aspect of maintaining any aquarium’s health and appearance. A single goldfish needs an aquarium of at least 30 gallons and a pair should have at least a 50 gallon tank to thrive in adulthood. For that reason, all of these filters will be suitable for medium to large tanks using 50 gallons as a minimum filtration capacity.





Our rating


Filters 119 - 264 GPH

5 stages of filtration​


Flow rate of 400GPH

2-pump design for unmatchable flow and filtration​


5 - 110 GPH


30 - 100 GPH


Suitable for aquariums  25 - 100 Gal


Suitable for aquariums  10 - 20 Gal


Suitable for 50 - 175  Gal


Suitable for aquariums  up to 75 Gal

Why Use Filtration For Goldfish?

The very popular goldfish comes in many beautiful varieties and colors. They are often sold as small juveniles but can grow to be upwards of 12 inches in length given the proper amount of space. Their size requires them to be kept in a medium to large aquarium. Small goldfish bowls requiring daily water changes will only work well while the fish are very small. They will not thrive in these conditions as they try to grow. Keeping goldfish in small bowls or tanks is a sure recipe for disaster and your fish will probably not survive for long.

If you plan on keeping multiple goldfish you should be prepared to use an aquarium of at least 50 gallons. A tank this size needs a substantial filter system to maintain water quality. The best systems will provide mechanical and biological filtration as well as performing the function of adjusting the tank’s chemistry to provide the healthiest environment possible for your goldfish. Filtration is one of the key ingredients in maintaining a healthy aquatic environment.

Types Of Filters

There are many types of aquarium filters on the market. All require some kind of maintenance to keep them in proper running condition. Some have reusable sponges and cartridges that can need periodic cleaning while other systems have disposable filter cartridges that simply need to be replaced as their performance degrades.

Aquarium filters usually come rated for a specific tank size. Since goldfish do produce a large amount of waste material you should consider purchasing a filter designed for an aquarium that is larger than the one where it will actually be used. I would suggest that a filter designed for a 75 to 100 gallon tank would work very well for a 50 or 55 gallon goldfish tank. If you are planning on keeping fancy goldfish you also want a filter that allows control of the return water flow. These fish do better with a gentle water flow so make sure the filter you choose has that option. Many canister filters have a spray bar option that will diffuse the return flow and create a perfect environment for your goldfish.

The previously mention canister filters are one of the best choices for a goldfish tank. The other good option is a hang on the back (HOB) type filter. Both have some general pros and cons. Canister filters require maintenance less often and their filter media is usually reusable. They require less space behind your tank as the canister is housed below and only tubes need to get behind the tank. Canister filters offer high filtration capacity and a single unit can handle a large aquarium. Return water flow can be controlled to achieve different flow patterns in your tank. These benefits are somewhat offset by the fact that canister filters are more complicated to clean when needed.

The HOB filters offer easier maintenance at a price. They are easy to set up as long as you have enough room behind your tank. They are initially less expensive than a canister filter but a monetary consideration is that the filter media is in many cases disposable and is an on-going expense. An HOB system uses a waterfall type water return system that cannot be modified as nicely as that of a canister filter. These filters are usually not enough to take care of large tanks when used singly, but I have successfully used two at a time on my larger aquariums.

Some Of The Best Filters For Goldfish

Here are some of the best filters you can purchase for your goldfish tank.

1. Fluval C4 Power Filter

The Fluval C4 Power Filter is an HOB type filter that would work well on goldfish tanks up to 50 gallons. It provides extensive mechanical, biological and chemical filtration through a 5 step process that leads to clear and healthy aquarium water. A nice feature of this filter is that it uses a patented refiltration system that allows you to slow down the water output to protect delicate plants and fish. Its modular design allows you to perform maintenance in stages, replacing or cleaning only one type of media at a time. This filter combines some of the best features of a canister filter with the ease of use of an HOB. It is designed to allow customization of the filter media if so desired, to say replace carbon with another biological filtration pad. The filter also has a telescoping intake tube to allow water to be drawn from different depths of your tank. A nice choice in an HOB filter.

This is another excellent HOB power filter that will do well in a 50 to 55 gallon goldfish tank. Its design gives the filter up to twice the mechanical filtration capacity of other HOB filters or the addition of additional chemical filtration cartridges. Biological filtration is handled by its patented Bio-Wheel technology. Spray bars are used to drive the water into the top of the bio-wheel getting maximum aeration along with the biological filtration. It is easy to clean and install as seen in these videos found at the Mainland website.

AquaClear manufactures these power filters in varying sizes with the 110 V model a prefect match for a 50 to 55 gallon goldfish tank. This filter provides complete mechanical, biological and chemical filtration through a multi stage filtration system. It is quiet and has a large filtration volume that allows for superior contact time with the filter media. A unique waterfall system gently and silently returns the filtered water to your aquarium. It also has a flow control feature that enables you to change the water flow rate to suit your needs. As with most HOB filters it is easy to set up and its media baskets make for painless maintenance. Additional media to perform custom chemical filtration can be added to the media baskets, and you can use your own bulk materials in nylon bags instead of being tied to a manufacturer’s replacements.

Those aquarists wanting to go with a canister filter won’t go wrong with this filter. As with all canister filters it does great job of mechanical, biological and chemical filtration. It accomplishes this by using stacked filter trays that force the water to go through instead of around the layers of filter media. It comes with a quick prime button to assist with restarts and promises quick spill-free maintenance. The top of the unit is easy to remove for access to the media baskets.It is easy to set up though care must be taken to follow the instruction in regard to the O-rings to avoid leakage. This is a quiet filter that will do well for a 55 gallon goldfish tank.

Fluval makes a great canister filter in addition to the HOB filter reviewed above. It performs complete 3 stage filtration through the use of layers of various filter media that can be customized for your tank’s requirements. Employing a sound dampening impeller design leads to quiet operation. Its square design allows for more water to be exposed to the filtration elements than other manufacturers round design. Fluval has re-engineered their priming system which makes the filter easy to start. Its aqua stop valve assembly makes it easy to remove hoses for simple and drip free maintenance. The 406 is the right size filter for a 50-55 gallon goldfish tank and you will be pleased with the results.

6. Hikari Bacto-Surge High Density

If you have fish that lives comfortably in low flow water or tiny ones that might get sucked into regular filters, then this is what you should get. Unlike other cleaners, it is not as expensive so for those with a tight budget. This product would not hurt your wallet as much; and as a bonus, it provides no noise. If you are worried about going through the trouble of cleaning, it is surprising to know that it is actually easy to clean due to its soft sponge material.

What I really like about this filter is that despite its size, it’s still able to look excellent inside of smaller aquariums. Goldfish filter set up is not even an issue because it is quick and simple. You do not need to go through complicated processes. With its low flow, it is the best filter, especially for 10 to 20-gallon goldfish tanks.

Great for small fish or fish that requires low flowing water
High-quality foam allows efficient filtration
Not as expensive as other filters
With the air-duct built inside you wouldn’t need to put in an air-line extension

Tt doesn't allow or have room for any type of air stone
The base is weighted, but it wasn't enough to keep it from floating up. 

7. Penn Plax Cascade 600 Submersible Aquarium Filter

For those people who have tanks that are above 50 gallons, this filter is the best canister filter for goldfish tank and would be the right choice. After all, with how it’s able to take in 175 gallons of water per hour, the state of cleanliness within your tank will remain for weeks and even months. With that amount of water filtered in just one hour, it is indeed a powerful filter. However, no need to worry about the goldfish filter being too strong or the distribution of water since it has a spray bar option that will aerate your tank no problem.

If you have a lot of goldfish that is bound to get your tank dirty very fast or turtles, then this filter will be able to handle the strain of the entire gunk. It’s quick, it’s strong, and it’s easy.

Wouldn't need to get an air stone since it's hushed
It’s built so that it would be easy to take apart
It's very sturdy even though it's made out of plastic
It comes with a pump head that allows you to adjust the direction of the water flow

The top part of the filter may be difficult to separate
It is a very powerful filter so it wouldn’t be recommended for smaller tanks with even smaller fishes.

8. SeaChem – Large Aquarium Fish Tank Filter

This filter has many different options that you can use to adjust according to the type of tank that you have, and it even has an automatic maintenance alert mechanism for when you need to clean the filter. With that, you would not have to keep checking at different time intervals just to see if it is already due. It’s the kind of filter that can allow you to control the intake with three points, where you can also turn it completely off so you can use it in shallow tanks without any worries.

With the 3 point option for the intake, you can have better circulation for your goldfishes within the tank, and that's really something your fishes will enjoy. Also, it even leaves a significant amount of space. So much that it enables you to put in other filtrations.

It alerts you when the filter already needs to be cleaned
Tanks with shallow water can use this filter as well
It has options regarding filter setups that you can choose from
You can adjust the flow of its water

It's dangerous for small fry since the intake screen's openings are large
It’s a little loud.

What is the Best Filter For Your Goldfish

All of the filters reviewed above are excellent and will do a fine job of maintaining your goldfish aquarium as long as you properly size them. As stated earlier, for large tanks you may want to use multiple versions of the same filter to achieve the best results. You can choose to go with an HOB or canister filter to suit your preference.

With that said I would recommend the Fluval C4 Power Filter if I were looking for a filter for my goldfish. The excellent 3 stage filtration combined with the ease of use and maintenance makes this a winner for me. The fact that this filter lets you control the water flow to protect delicate fancy goldfish make this a great choice for any aquarist who keeps goldfish.

Types Of Goldfish And Their Characteristics You Should Know

Goldfish are the most popular type of fish that people keep today. You can have an easy time brightening up the room when you get to have an aquarium with goldfish. Many people do not always realize this, but goldfish comes as different types. The one that you see at your friend’s house might not be the same as that at a restaurant.

With that in mind, you would want to know the different types of goldfish available today. Below are some of the common types that you are likely to encounter more often.

Common Goldfish

It is called the common goldfish since it is easily found in most people’s aquariums. This kind of goldfish has the scientific name Carassius Auratus and can be traced back to Asia. This type of goldfish is seen to be great for beginners in the field of keeping an aquarium. It will easily survive in temperature of 55 to 80 degree F and a pH level of 6 to 8. As you can see, the water could easily be drawn from tap water, and it would be safe for the common goldfish.

The common goldfish is a social animal, and they could benefit from having other mates in the tank. It is always better to keep them in groups of three when young, but you can separate them as they become mature.

Comet Goldfish

The comet type of goldfish has their origin in Washington State. You can find them coming with different variations depending on the color. Some of the common colors include red and white, black, yellow, black and orange, and goldfish orange.

The comet goldfish might get people confused because of being look like other types, but This type often has a slender body and elongated fins. That is how you can easily identify them .

Shubunkin Goldfish

The colors of this type are what you would find in the fancy goldfish types. Under this type, there are two varieties, which include the London and Bristol shubunkin. The Bristol variety is larger, and the caudal fin is more rounded.

The common color of this type would be calico. The blue silver color of the fish also acts as the background for the other types of colors. Because they are hardy type of goldfish, for many people they are seen as great for outdoor ponds. You will not have to worry about their survival all the time.

Wakin Goldfish

This type of goldfish is very popular in Japan. In terms of appearance, you can confuse it with the comet goldfish, but this one comes with a double caudal fin and they still have an elongated body.

The wakin goldfish is a hardy breed, so the best place to keep them would be a pond. You can also place them in a tank, but just make sure that the tank is large to accommodate it as they grow.

They are not an aggressive breed, but they tend to be a fast swimmer with an aggressive appetite most of the time. As you can see, a small tank would not be ideal for Them to swim.

Japanese Ryukin Goldfish

Even from the name, you can easily guess that They are popular in Japan. They might look like the fantail breed, but this one comes with a prominent hump towards the back of its head. This should make the breed come with an elevated dorsal fin.

The Ryukin comes in various types of color combinations. You can have the solid colors or multiple colors in the same fish. The common colors include deep red, blue, calico, red, and white, and much more.

Still, this is a hardy breed so you can place them in the outdoor goldfish pond. If you keep them in the aquarium, you will not need to give them much care.


This one comes with an egg appearance that is different from most breeds we have looked at above. All the fins are paired except the dorsal fin. The fins are sturdy and round, making it also easy to recognize them from the different breeds available.

As for the colors, you can easily get different types of colors available with the goldfish and choose the one you like. Some of the colors include calico, blue, bronze, and mix of orange.

You will find most users breeding this type of goldfish for showing. They could also be a great choice for beginners.


You will easily get the veiltail goldfish being among the most popular type of goldfish among most hobbyists and collectors. They might not be the best for breeding for showing as compared to the fantail bred. The pectoral and pelvic fins of the fish are long and narrow.

They are not a hardy fish type, so you may want to keep them in the indoor goldfish aquarium. As much as it is possible to place them outdoors, make sure they are not extreme conditions.

Broadtail Moor

They are also called the black moor. they are supposed to be entirely black, but you can find it containing shades of silver or brown. The breed would easily be confused for the veiltail goldfish, the difference is the colors. You also get this one lacking the forked appearance on the fins.

With their style of eyes, they tend to have poor vision. For such a reason, you do not want to place them in an aquarium with the other agile breeds. They will not be able to compete with the others, especially when it comes to eating.


The breeds mentioned above are not all the types of goldfish you can get today, but they are the most popular. If you are looking for something different, then you can opt to do more research to get the right model you are looking for. You also have to find one that would be easy to care for, so that he/her does not end up dying easily. Often go for the hardy breeds as they do not need much maintenance.

How To Take Care Of Goldfish Even If You Are A Novice

Goldfish is one of the most commonly kept aquarium fish by pet enthusiasts and the most popular first fish aquarists would like to own. Goldfish is also much cheaper among other fish for domestication and it could be easily raised and cared for with the minimum of effort.

First- time aquarium owners also prefer goldfish than any other fish primarily because it has several varieties that pet lovers can choose from. There is species like the Common Goldfish, Celestial Eye, Pompom, Lionhead, Ryukin, Fantail, Comet, Oranda and other goldfish varieties that are readily available from your favorite pet store. We could certainly provide you the basic knowledge on how to take care of goldfish even if you are a beginner. Read on.

I. What You Will Need To Follow This Tutorial

1. Right Size Fish Tank

Single goldfish needs about 10-15 US gal. of water to roam around inside a fish tank in the relaxed and enjoyable mood. This is the minimum size of the tank you can use for one goldfish. They grow at a tremendous size ranging from 10 to 12 inches and more and last for more than a decade if cared for properly. You will need another 10 gal. (roughly 37.8 liters) of water for each goldfish.

When you can decide on what number of goldfish you want to care of, you can then pick and set up the right aquarium size.

2. Ensure Ideal Equipment/Materials Are In Hand

Prepare for the right equipment and materials you will need in setting up an aquarium for goldfish. Here is the list of what you will need:

  • Tank substrates: Pea-sized gravel.
  • Lighting: Preferably fluorescent bulb.
  • Ornaments: Live or plastic plants.
  • Heater: For colder region (optional).
  • Filter and water pump.
  • Dechlorinator or use distilled water.
  • Airstones (Bubble disks, bubble wands).
  • Universal Test Strip.
  • API Master Test Kit.

3. Prepare The Right Food For Your Goldfish

Typical food given to goldfish are pellet food, live foods, that include brine shrimp or dry food, such as blood worms, mosquito larvae and other freeze-dried foods. Consult your local pet store for other readily-available types of food for your convenience.

II. Step By Step Instructions

​Now that you had prepared the necessary material, equipment and other pertinent tools to have a perfect fish tank for your awesome goldfish in mind, you are now ready to go with these simplified instructions in caring for your favorite pet. Here are the necessary steps:

1. Filling The Tank With Water

After satisfying activities of preparing your aquarium with the proper equipment, you are now ready to fill it with water. The most common and least expensive water to use is from the tap but treated with the right water conditioning solution or dechlorination or use distilled water (available at a nearby convenience store). Your pet store will certainly advise you the proper method in dechlorinating your tap water, as water hardness differs from every region.

2. PH, Ammonia, Nitrate And Nitrite Measurements

Before adding your fish, make some “dry run” test on the water, like testing its pH level, ammonia content, and nitrite and nitrate levels. Common goldfish thrive at 7.2-7.6 pH level (some species are adaptable to 6.5 to 8.5 pH level) which is usually the hardness of tap water. Ammonia and nitrite should be zero (0) while nitrate must be less than 20. Use a liquid test kit, such as the API Master Test Kit to get the value of ammonia, nitrite and nitrate in the water. A Universal Test strip will give you the true value of pH on the water.

3. Add Light, Filter And Ornaments

Install proper lighting (fluorescent bulb) for the tank as goldfish need good light to maintain better wake and sleep cycle. An attractive aquascape is also healthy for the fish, install your ornaments (could be live or plastic plants) and other visually enchanting decorations inside the tank. Add water heater if necessary, as goldfish prefer 20-22C (68-72F) water temperature. Finally, a suitable filtering medium (both biological and chemical) for removing excess food and fish feces, odor, unwanted chemicals and other debris.

4. Adding The Goldfish

When you satisfy all the requirements given above, you are now ready to add your goldfish. If you want more than one fish, be sure that they are of the same as goldfish are known to eat smaller fish. Male and female genders are a good combination (your supplier could certainly distinguish the fish sexes).

5. Feeding The Fish

The fish should be fed once to twice a day. Feed the fish only at their capacity and do not overfeed them as this is detrimental to the goldfish. Floating foods should be soaked in water for a few minutes so that it will sink, avoiding air that the fish could swallow. The fish should be fed once in the morning and once at night, preferably in the same spot in the aquarium.

6. Checking Oxygen Level

Always take a notice of it that the oxygen level in the fish tank is fine. Initially, you can tell that the oxygen level is decreasing if you notice the fish are gathering at the surface. You can fix this by lowering the temperature of the water. One possible cause is that the tank is exposed to sunlight or other heat sources such as lighting. Cover the tank from the sun or shut off the light to lower the water temperature. Other cause may be the varying pH level. Bubble wands, bubble disks and other airstones are good providers of oxygen inside the tank and they are also great decorations.

7. Proper Maintenance

Water at your fish tank should be replaced regularly at least once a week or if the need arises. Check its pH level, ammonia content, and nitrite and nitrate levels occasionally when you sense something is not normal in the tank or do it regularly every time you do the change of water. You must have a ready set of test kit every time you wash.

III. Conclusion

Even if you are a beginner, this tutorial on how to take care of goldfish is truly simple and could be done as easy as tying your shoe laces. It will not even cost you a fortune, what you can reap is an awesome joy and satisfaction once you achieve your goal of having a beautiful and scenic aquarium right at your home or your office. Anyone wishing to have their fish tank to be inhabited by goldfish must begin to realize that this activity is almost effortless but a worthwhile hobby that could indulge therapeutic effect on the mind and body.

Best 10 Gallon Fish Tank For You: Top 5 Reviews

Are you considering keeping a pet? Maybe you should consider a pet fish. Why? Well, because for one, fish is a low maintenance pet, if you are to compare it with the other pets. Secondly,they come in an array of stunning colors, shapes, and sizes that will make your home look beautiful. A killer reason why we must keep fish is the fact that they are just so calm and serene.There quiet and peaceful nature will help you to relax and reassure.

Fish, as you well know, cannot survive outside of water. For this reason, you must acquire an aquarium or a fish tank which is going to be the principal housing for your fish.

Depending on what type and how many fish you want to keep, you must select your aquarium carefully; otherwise, your fish will not survive for long. Aquariums come in many sizes, the main determinant being the amount of water it can hold. Here we look at the 10-gallon fish tank, which is among the smallest but very handy fish tank you will find in the market.

Why Buy The 10-Gallon Fish Tank? The Benefits Of It

There are various reasons the 10-gallon fish tank is a popular choice. To begin with, it is ideal for those just starting out as pet fish hobbyists, or for those that have been using fishbowls and want a bigger space. Then it serves well for those with limited resources but wishes to keep an inexpensive pet. Here are a few more benefits of the 10-gallon fish tank:


The 10-gallon fish tank is easy to install and occupies a minimal surface area.You can have it at home in your living room, bedroom, in the office, basically anywhere. It is ideal for you if you are living in small houses or apartments, or even those just starting out on the hobby. Simply install it on top of a cabinet, a table or a stand and you are good to go.


The 10-gallon fish tank is quite cost-effective. It is pocket-friendly and a great buy for beginners or those upgrading from fish bowls. This is especially so considering that it comes equipped with all the necessary components of an aquarium such as the lighting system, heating, filtration system and test kits. If you were to buy these components separately, it would be quite expensive.


Compared to the fishbowl, the 10-gallon fish tank is quite spacious, giving you a room to keep an assortment of fish. It also leaves some room for decoration, allowing you to add a few plants and other ornamental items.


The 10-gallon fish tanks vary in shapes, which allows you to select one that fits your sense of style. It can be a great addition to the overall appearance of your house.

How To Choose A 10 Gallon Fish Tank

Now that you have decided to buy an aquarium, there are factors you should consider before settling down on your pick. Before you purchase your fish tank, you must do a thorough research and know exactly what to expect. Here, we suggest some of the factors to consider.These will ensure that you come up with the best pick for you and your fish.

Fish Type

What type of fish do you intend to keep? Different species of fish thrive in different conditions, so before you buy your 10-gallon fish tank, you must be aware of the type you will keep. Smaller species of fish are better with this size.

Care And Compatibility Of The Fish

You must know that fish is very delicate. For that matter, read a lot about how to care for fish in a confined environment. Read about which type of fish to keep together, since some are not compatible.

Learn about what temperature is suitable for which fish; learn about which food to feed which fish. In short, equip yourself with enough knowledge on how to care for fish before you buy a fish tank. Otherwise, you will waste your time and money and end up with dead fish.


How much are you ready to spend on your fish tank. 10-gallon fish tanks, just like any other fish tanks, come in at different prices. Determine your initial budget and the other recurrent budget that you are ready to spend on the aquarium. Consider factors such as the electricity cost, water cost, and equipment cost etc.

Quality A fish tank is one of those items that you should purchase just once unless you want to upgrade to a bigger one. For this reason, aim for the best quality that you can find. This means the fish tank must be watertight-no leakages whatsoever. Good quality fish tanks may come at a higher price, but in the long run, will serve you better.


Fish tanks are basically made from two materials, they are either acrylic or glass. Decide which material appeals to you, though most people prefer tanks made from tempered glass due to its durability.

The material should also be able to tolerate varying temperatures. This is counted as an important feature especially if your residence has fluctuating temperatures in the course of the year. Of course the material should be non-toxic; otherwise, it will produce harmful toxins that will kill the fish.

Review Of The 5 Best 10-Gallon Fish Tanks

There are lots of fish tanks on market and you will definitely not miss one to fulfill your fancy. Here is a review of five of the best 10-gallon fish tanks in the market today.

Marina Style LED Aquarium Kit

Marina Style LED Aquarium Kit

This spectacular fish tank is a sight to behold. It is equipped with all the components you will need in an aquarium, one of the reasons it is one of the best-rated fish tanks. Here are some of its features:


  • Made from sturdy glass and compact design.
  • The filter cartridge is easy to install and change.
  • Fast acting water conditioner.
  • Comes with two clear 15W easy to change LED bulbs that light up the tank.
  • Noiseless filter.


  • It has a beautiful, stylish design which is aesthetically appealing.
  • The filter cartridge can easily be installed and changed.
  • The water conditioner is fast-acting, responding to ammonia and nitrites in the water quickly and ridding the water of harmful toxins that could harm the fish.
  • The clear LED lights are easy to change and shine well enabling the fish and plants to thrive.
  • The filter works noiselessly and efficiently without disturbing the fish or the occupants of the house.


  • The motor can be slightly noisy, if not adjusted well.

Aqueon Aquarium

Aqueon Aquarium

This spectacular fish tank is a sight to behold. It is equipped with all the components you will need in an aquarium, one of the reasons it is one of the best-rated fish tanks. Here are some of its features:


  • Made from tough tempered glass.
  • LED lights of medium brightness to illuminate the tank.
  • Five stage filtration process that keeps the water pure.


  • It has a five stage filtration process that is among the very best in the market. This ensures that the water is as pure as can be for the survival of fish.
  • Has long-lasting LED lights of medium brightness that keep the fish swimming comfortably.
  • The filtration is noiseless and efficient, ensuring that there are no toxins in the water.
  • The filter is attached to the back of the tank making the tank more aesthetically appealing.


  • The lighting is not bright enough and this may interfere with the growth of some plants.

Penn Plax Corner 10 Gallon Fish Tank

Penn Plax Corner 10 Gallon Fish Tank

This unique tank keeps loyal clients because of its appealing look. Apart from the unique design, there are other features that have made the Penn Plax one of the favorites.


  • Sturdy durable glass structure.
  • Small filters that take up very little space.
  • Easy to install and maintain.


  • Made from sturdy glass that is beautiful and durable.
  • The design is versatile and can fit in very limited spaces.
  • It has an inbuilt filtration system that is small and occupies little space.
  • It is easy to install and maintain.
  • It has long-lasting energy efficient LED lights.


  • Does not come with a heater and a thermometer, so you have to buy them separately.

The Tetra Half moon

The Tetra Half moon

Certainly one of the most eye-catching fish tanks around, this tank features a unique design that allows you to view your fish from all angles due to its curved design. Below are some features that we like a lot and some not so much about this fish tank.


  • Unique curved design that gives a perfect view from all angles.
  • A smaller base relative to the rest of the body.
  • Powerful filtration system.


  • Has a great curved design, devoid of corners that allow you a great view from wherever you are.
  • A relatively smaller base that enables you to fit it even in the smallest of spaces.
  • Comes with a very powerful filtration that ensures the purity of the water at all times.
  • A regulated water heater that keeps the water temperature at the recommended levels.
  • Has LED lighting that keeps tank properly illuminated throughout, enabling both the fish and the plants to thrive.


  • The lighting is not strong enough to sustain the growth of more demanding plants.

All Glass Aquarium Tank and Eco Hood Combo

All Glass Aquarium Tank and Eco Hood Combo

This aquarium is made up purely of glass, thus making it great for clear display and viewing of the life marine life it contains. Here are the other features that make this tank a favorite of pet fish lovers:


  • Very spacious with wide dimensions allowing enough room to work with.
  • A detachable upper compartment that lets you feed the fish.
  • Two fluorescent light bulbs.
  • Ready- to- use standard ports that enable you to fix the electricity and filtration pipes without much hassle.


  • It is quite spacious, giving you a lot of room to use.
  • It has an easy to open compartment on top of the hood that allows for easy feeding.
  • Has ports that allow for fixing of the electric and filtration wires thus making your work easier.
  • Comes with two fluorescent bulbs, which can be easily replaced with LED bulbs.
  • It lets you experiment with your creativity, coming up with a design that meets your standards.


  • The very basic nature means it is not suitable for those that are not into DIY stuff.


The 10-gallon fish tank is a great aquarium for beginners. As seen above, it is affordable, convenient and stylish enough for pet fish enthusiasts. It also occupies little space and can fit perfectly both at home and in the office.

From the above reviews, we can see that all the fish tanks mentioned have features that enable fish and other marine life to survive while adding an aesthetic feel to your home. We would, however, recommend the Tetra Half Moon Aquarium unit. This is simply because of its beautiful and unique design. It allows you to view the fish and marine life from any angle. Furthermore, the design of the base allows it to be versatile, fitting in the smallest of spaces available. Then its lighting and filtration systems are superb, ensuring that the fish and the tank last for a very long time.

The Aqueon aquarium is equally a great fish tank. What stands out most about it is the unique five stage powerful filtration system that keeps the water fresh and the air supply adequate. Finally, it is safe to say that purchasing a 10-gallon fish tank is a good investment for all those seeking to keep pet fish, or those upgrading from smaller tanks and bowls. You should simply consider the factors mentioned to own one that will fulfill your needs to keep your fish happy! If you have liked reading this piece of article or if you wish to share your views, please drop your personal reviews.