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The betta is one of the most popular tropical fish available to the aquarist. Its popularity is due in large part to its beautiful, flowing fins and tail. Many bettas exhibit brilliant colors that are sometimes the result of selective breeding, and this coloration is another factor driving their popularity with fish keepers. Bettas are also relatively easy to keep as they can tolerate a wide range of water conditions though they will thrive in a clean and heated environment.

Caring For Bettas

The most critical factor when keeping bettas is that you cannot keep two males together in a small tank. Though some success has been reported keeping multiple male bettas in large aquariums over 30 gallons they are usually kept in smaller tanks. Males kept together will tear at each other’s fins and will usually lead to the death of one of them. Just seeing each other through glass or in a betta condo can trigger aggression and lead to extreme stress and negatively impact their health. Even keeping a pair of one male and one female betta is challenging as they can also be very aggressive with each other. Additionally it is hard to find non-betta tank mates that will not either nip at the betta’s fins or be the target of a betta’s aggression. For these reasons they are often kept singly in smaller aquariums. Displaying multiple bettas usually requires using multiple tanks.

Aqueon Betta Falls

Aqueon’s Betta Falls is a new product that attempts to get around the problems of displaying multiple bettas in one unit. It is designed to allow viewing of three bettas kept in separate, small tanks. By integrating a filtration system that serves all three tanks at the same time it eliminates the need for a complete setup for each betta you wish to keep. Its unique design makes for a striking appearance and does beautifully display your bettas. Let’s look more closely at the Betta Falls and see some of its advantages and potential disadvantages.


  • Allows you to house 3 bettas in one unit.
  • Filtration keeps water clean and reduces need for water changes.
  • Stylish design is suitable for a desktop.
  • Fish cannot see each other eliminating stress.
  • Waterfall feature can be pleasing and relaxing in itself.


  • Each tank is only a little over 1/2 gallon in size.
  • Tank is not heated.
  • Potential for fish to get into another tank leading to fights and injury.
  • Can be noisy if not filled correctly.

Aqueon Betta Falls Features And Benefits

Display Multiple Bettas

The Betta Falls is designed to house 3 bettas. This is normally not possible in a tank this size. The fish are kept separated in three small tanks that share the same water as it circulates through the tanks. Aggression possible when bettas can view each other is eliminated by the use of frosted panels that the fish cannot see through.


Many betta bowls and small tanks designed for bettas do not provide filtration. These small aquariums rely on the aquarist to make daily water changes to maintain a healthy, aquatic environment for their bettas. Using Aqueon’s QuietFlow technology, the Betta Falls constantly filters the water and circulates it between the three tanks by way of the cascading waterfall feature. The flow rate can be controlled which can be key in keeping your bettas happy and safe. Filter cartridges can be easily changed as needed. The addition of filtration is a big advantage over tanks that do not offer this feature.

Aesthetically Pleasing Design

The Betta Falls is available in white or black. Its unique design makes for a more interesting display than many of the small, plastic tanks that are available and often used to house bettas. It looks great on a desk or small table. Three units can be set up back to back to create a striking circular display of up to 9 betta fish.

Reviews Around The Internet

My research has shown some mixed reviews of the Betta Falls. Positive comments have focused on the tanks’s modern appearance and the ability to have 3 bettas in such close proximity without triggering aggression. Many users find the waterfall feature to create a pleasing and relaxing sound that increases the enjoyment of viewing their fish. Reduction of water changes made possible by the filtration system is also a compelling feature of the Betta Falls.

In some cases aquarists have reported that fish can jump downstream and enter another tank. This is not something that you want to happen and there are covers included that will minimize the potential for this mishap to occur. Reducing water flow rate from the filtration system will also help prevent this problem. The individual tank sizes are rather small and may not be the optimum size for long term betta care.


1. Penn Plax Deluxe Triple Betta Bow Aquarium Tank, 0.7-Gallon

This small tank will hold up to three bettas. It holds less water than the Betta Falls. It does not include a heater and the filter requires use of an external pump. The lighting system is battery operated.

2. AquaOne Betta Villa Trio

The Betta Villa Trio is a larger tank that holds 8.4 gallons of water. It is available with LED lighting and multi-stage filtration system. It is triple the price of the Betta Falls but affords your fish more room to move.

3. Penn-Plax World Betta Fish Condo

The Betta Condo is designed to be used within a larger aquarium. It is comprised of rectangular compartments with opaque dividers to prevent aggression. It uses the light, heat and filtration of the larger aquarium that hold the condo.


The Aqueon Betta Falls is a distinctive and relatively inexpensive way to display multiple bettas. It takes up much less room than three individual tanks and the shared filtration system is a big plus for both you and your fish. While there are potential difficulties they can be addressed by using the product carefully. If you are interested in this aquarium you can check it out here.

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    Someone named Michael Larson has written me an email but all my replies to him bounced. He says he is the Editor/Co-founder of Aquarist Guide but my search on your website and on google didn’t turn up any result. The links he sent me that are supposed to show me his work have also led me to your work (Toby Sanders) and nothing by Michael Lason. Could you please let me know if you know him?



  2. Re: Beta Falls

    Even with the lids on the compartments, I woke up today to the Beta from the upper compartment in the middle compartment. His tail and fins are totally shredded. His head is bigger than the grates in the waterfall, so I can only conclude that his tail was through the grates and that the fish in the middle compartment nipped at the tail and pulled him through. I have emailed Aqueon and hope to get a reply. I am super bummed and feel like a bad fish mom.

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