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Lighting is a very important aspect of aquarium keeping. There are many lighting options available to the aquarist that can perform varied functions. Choosing the correct lighting can be challenging. You may plan to use your lighting to enhance the tank’s appearance by highlighting the colors of the fish and decor. In other cases your lighting is key to the promotion of plant and coral growth. The AI Prime HD LED aquarium light can be used for any of your aquarium lighting needs but is especially useful to those growing corals and plants.

Considerations When Choosing A Lighting System

The inhabitants of your aquarium will influence the type of lighting you want to obtain. A tank with artificial plants and decorations may get by with a simple incandescent light. Fluorescent light has long been the standard for freshwater aquarists with planted tanks. These lights are also used for saltwater tanks that have live rock and coral. LED lighting has recently become popular in the aquarium field and has some advantages over the other lighting types. It is economical due to its long lamp life and energy saving compared to other lights. LED lights allow for fine tuning of the light spectrum emitted giving more control in encouraging plant and coral growth. LEDs can be set up to mimic sunrise, sunset and moonlight giving your tank lighting that is as close to nature as possible. Bulb heat transfer to the aquarium which can be problematic with other lighting systems does not occur with LED lights.

LED lights are a great choice for the aquarist planning on a saltwater or reef aquarium. They also work well when used for a freshwater planted tank. They are more expensive than other lighting systems but some of this expense is offset by their energy efficiency. Their unique properties may make it worth the money when choosing your lights. LED systems are available in many different sizes and styles to complement your aquarium.

AI Prime HD Aquarium LED Light

Aqua illumination’s AI Prime HD Aquarium LED light is a compact, powerful and versatile LED fixture that will work well for any kind of aquarium. The Prime HD is the successor to the company’s original AI Prime and offers more power and customization that the original model. Its hyper drive technology allows for maximum light output while only drawing 55 watts of electricity to operate. It is a high tech lighting fixture that is perfect for a small reef or coral environment. It comes Wi-Fi enabled and offers optional mounting arms for optimal placement on a rimmed or rimless tank.


  • Customizable lighting spectrum.
  • Various mounting options available.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity for increased control.
  • Energy efficient.


  • More expensive than some LED lights.
  • Not suitable to be used singly for large aquariums.
  • Might not work as well on very deep tanks due to power limitations.
  • Not as strong in the white light portion of the spectrum as some would like.

AI Prime HD Features And Benefits

Spectrum Customization

Through the use of carefully chosen LEDs this unit gives you the capability of customizing the light spectrum that the device emits. This is a very nice feature that can be critical for getting problem corals or plants to respond positively to your lighting. You can tune the specifications to get exactly what your organisms need.

Mounting Options

Three different mounting options are available for the Prime HD. It can be suspended over your tank with the hanging kit or mounted on the aquarium. Two types of tank mounts are available permitting flexibility in placement and use. Individual corals and plants can be targeted much more easily than with full hood type LED lights.

Wi-Fi Control

The Prime HD comes Wi-Fi enabled. The self-contained Wi-Fi eliminates the need for a separate controller. An app called myAI controls the device and can be used on any smartphone, Android device or an Apple or Windows computer. Using the app allows remote control of one or several devices and enables you to create some very impressive lighting displays. Here is a video demonstrating the Prime HD as it recreates a lightning storm over this salt water aquarium.

Positive Reviews

I have found many satisfied users of the A1 Prime HD when searching the internet. The features most mentioned are its flexibility in placement and lighting spectrum. Users also state that the unit is very quiet during operation. The control afforded by the built in Wi-Fi is another feature that pleases aquarists using this light.


1. Current USA Orbit Marine Pro Marine Reef LED Lighting System

This unit is a full hood LED lighting system. It is about equal in price for use on small aquariums and also comes in larger sizes so you could use a single unit rather than several of the AI Prime. It is good for coral growth and is controllable as to the color spectrum emitted. The full hood design makes it somewhat less flexible than the AI Prime.

2. AquaticLife Reef Edition EDGE LED Aquarium Light

Another full hood type unit, this LED light is a less expensive alternative to the AI Prime. It does not offer the level of control that the AI Prime does. The lights are controlled by a timer that works in 10 minute increments rather than through a Wi-Fi connection.

3. EcoTech Marine Radion™ XR15W G4 Pro LED Light Fixture

This ExoTech LED light is more expensive than the AI Prime. It is slightly more powerful and may enable a single light to cover a larger portion of your aquarium. It is customizable through Wi-Fi access and is a tank mounted unit thereby enabling placement options.


The AI Prime HD is an excellent choice for the aquarist requiring lighting designed to promote coral or plant growth. The multiple mounting options give you enhanced flexibility in placement and light targeting. Its quiet operation, customizable light spectrum and remote control operation make this an LED you should checkout. Click here to take a look.

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